The Common Thread for the Cure…for the industry, by the industry.


Our mission is to unite the design and furnishings industry in the battle against breast cancer. We support those individuals who are fighting breast cancer by offering financial assistance through confidential Help Hands Grants to assist in areas where additional financial aid is needed.

Originally founded in 2000 to simply engage our industry in breast cancer awareness, The Common Thread for the Cure Foundation now provides Helping Hand Grants to funnel dollars to patients to aid in areas where insurance does not apply. A grant can be used to meet financial obligations, household needs, transportation, child care—whatever is needed to make the journey a little less taxing for patients and their families.

While most breast cancer charities focus on research and the medical battle against breast cancer, The Common Thread for the Cure focuses on patient well-being, and encompasses every facet of the furnishings industry—architecture, interior design, furnishings, textiles, carpet, and lighting. Also, anyone affiliated with the industry may request a grant for themselves or for a member of their immediate family (child, spouse, or parent).

When creating a habitable space, each component—from the paint on the walls to the woven fabric on the loveseat to the inspired great room—plays an important part in the overall design. But it’s not until all of those parts come together do we appreciate the beauty of the collective. This is the idea behind The Common Thread for the Cure—we are the collective, and together we can enhance the quality of life for those with breast cancer and enable them to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible while confronting the disease.

Dollar amounts and the numbers of grants offered vary based on availability of funds. To date, no qualified applicant has been turned away. Not only would we like to keep it that way; we want to broaden our reach so that no one in our industry needlessly suffers.